Day 39

an old pond
swallows the green frog
sound of blue water

h/t the game... (damnit)


Day 38

Old pond--

frog into it

sounds water.

Space of the page, and all...

Day 37

Pondside thick with mold,
a frog flops itself into
its watery sound.


Day 36

A pond's age
lets the frog in
its watery sound.

Oooh. That's horrible. But I'm tired.


Day 35

Sound of water
leaping frog
in the pond, now.

Having spent about six weeks on this already (I swear Imma fix the days), I find the reversal rather refreshing. The insistence of the "now" is also somewhat exciting. 


Day 34

This old pond--
frog leaps in,
builds water's sound.

h/t Bob Villa.